Is the offer still on the table?

Surely by now we all know the red pill/blue pill analogy. If you take the blue pill, you continue in your delusional state where you believe everything you are told and everything you are shown; you choose to go on about your life without ever questioning anything. You are satisfied with the mainstream narrative and the status quo. If you choose the red pill, you will wake up and be able to see what is actually going on around you. You will discover things are not always as they seem and that you have been tricked more than once in your life. You discover that the mainstream narrative is a lie.

We are seeing this analogy more and more today. It has become a major theme among the vaccination debate, though it is certainly not limited to that. As such, I have to ask: is the matter already settled? Has everyone who is going to take the red pill already taken it? Is there anyone still researching or making up their minds?

From a Christian standpoint, I have to ask how many of us are walking by the spirit? How many of us have asked for eyes to see and ears to hear and minds to understand? We don’t need a red pill to open our eyes. Those who walk in the spirit are able to discern through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you cannot, there is still time to repent and ask the Lord to point you to all truth and righteousness. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about God separating the sheep from the goats and that is surely happening. Am I saying if you got the vaccine you are a goat and you are doomed to being blue pilled forever? No, you can still wake up. God is merciful and gracious and He calls everyone to Himself.

Still, I wonder. What seems so obvious to me so many people are still completely oblivious to…. I have trouble understanding that. I pray that the Lord tears away the veil of deception that is upon the world.