“Proof of Zelensky’s legacy of false flag murder in Ukraine” Stew Peters Show

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust the mainstream narrative about what’s going on over there. We live in a world of deep and widespread deception. I share the following video not because I believe it, but because I realize the world is under a deep deception, and we need to take all information presented to us and pray over it.


US bioweapons labs in Ukraine and Central Asia near Russia as a motivating factor in Putin’s moves

So, the article below is worth your read. It basically says Russia’s invasion into Ukraine is at least in part due to the us having bioweapons labs on the Russian border. Now I am pretty sure that this confrontation is a lot more complicated than that. Apparently both Russia and China have asked for the US to be limited in their bio weapon development. I don’t know if the Lord will reveal to us this side of eternity the truth behind all of this mess, but we can be sure we in America are not being told the full story or the full truth. The Bible tells us that there will be wars and rumors of wars and all kinds of disturbances that we are seeing today, but it also says this is the beginning of birth pains. Keep looking up, folks, and seek the Lord while He may be found.


Putin orders Russian troops into eastern Ukraine separatist regions

Two regions, or provinces, of Ukraine have declared their independence and have asked for Russian support and protection. The so-called “word on the street” is Putin is on a mission to rid Ukraine of deep state influences.