Fascinating Perspective by Daymond Duck

Pres. Obama claims to be a Christian (his actions–lying, false accusations, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, etc. say otherwise), but many Christians believe he is a Muslim (he prays with them, praises them, defends them, won’t say “Muslim terrorist,” etc.).

I will admit that I think he is a Muslim, but, until I saw an article that said two different sources say he is a Shiite, it never occurred to me that Pres. Obama might prefer the Shiite religion. The article said Pres. Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was a Shiite Muslim in a mostly Sunni country (Kenya).

If the statement is true, several things that I have found confusing are suddenly making sense. I Googled, “Was Pres. Obama’s father a Shiite?” to check it out and found several articles on the subject. Of course, there are people who call it a conspiracy theory, but it is important to look at some of the facts. Continue reading….