Witches and Wizards But What About God? | Sonny Day Devos

The following is from Sonny Day Devos by Sonny Childs. Link at bottom of page.

“Are all witches bad?” He asked me one day.
“’Some wizards are good.’ That’s what the kids say.”

“Are vampires real?” “Do ghosts come at night?”
“Are graveyards haunted?” “Is Halloween right?”

He wanted to know, “Does God really care?
Should I think it’s cool or should I beware?”

I drew him aside and opened the Book.
In First Peter three (3:11), that’s where we should look.

It’s there that we find a very small word.
Eschew is a term (King James Version) perhaps you’ve not heard.

It means to avoid, to run far away,
Do not get involved, do not even play.

The devil is wise. He knows how to win.
If you get too close, he’ll draw you on in.

When you start to play with powers of night,
Temptation is strong to turn from the right.

Satan has always wanted attention.
To pull you from God is his intention.

When our attention is focused on him,
It’s stolen from God and faith will grow dim.

Idolatry is the sin we commit.
We insult the Lord without knowing it.

Don’t trust in the stars. Don’t call a psychic.
Don’t play Ouija boards or use black magic.

Don’t focus on death or haunted graveyards.
Don’t worry ‘bout ghosts or use tarot cards.

Vampires, warlocks, and sorcerers, too.
Skeletons, zombies, and witches’ black brew.

These things are not good. They pull you away.
They’re demons of night. We’re children of day.

Witches are evil. They cannot be good.
They trust in the devil, not God as they should.

All wizards are bad even dressed in white.
They are disguising the powers of night.

The devil will try, as in “Red Riding Hood,”
To beautify sin and make it look good.

The Bible has told of wolves dressed as sheep.
If you get too close, on you they will leap!

Whenever power is not from the Lord,
It comes from the devil and his demon horde.

When curious minds are focused on this,
He draws them in closer to share his abyss.

Now this is the way that Satan gets in.
Through curious folks he leads into sin.

Before we conclude, one thing you must hear;
Satan can’t harm you when Jesus is near.

Think about good things, name six or seven.
Push out the bad thoughts, focus on Heaven.

You can’t stop living ‘cause Satan is here.
Never allow him to spoil your cheer.

Happy-faced pumpkins are fine to be sure.
In fact, there’s no problem with anything pure.

It’s fine to dress up, parade down the streets,
Go to the neighbors, collect all the sweets.


With all the good things we have to explore,
There’s never a need to knock Satan’s door.

Don’t ever get close. Just stay far away.
Don’t even imply you’re like him in play.


1 Thessalonians 5:5-6, 22 (NKJV)
“5 You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. 6 Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch… 22 Abstain from every form of evil. (KJV – “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”)

Why does darkness make us uncomfortable? Why does light relieve that discomfort? It is because “sons of the light” are not designed, physically or spiritually, to dwell in darkness. It is the opposite of our nature.

That last sentence of the passage above is especially useful at Halloween; “Abstain from every form of evil.” While common sense dictates that we cannot completely divorce ourselves from the world in which we live, we can choose to lessen our interaction with the dark side.

Q: If the only path to safety forced you to cross a room with poisonous snakes gathered against the wall on the right, on which side of the room would you walk? How far over on that side of the room would you walk?

Abstain from every form, every appearance of evil.


Friday Funny

Hat tip to Sonny Childs from Make It Real Ministries for the joke.

While looking through his pictures at the one hour photo shop, the man became very displeased. “These pictures don’t do me justice!” he exclaimed. The man behind the counter glanced at the photos then responded, “Sir, you don’t need justice, you need mercy.”

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