What in the World is Going On? Sound Teaching

We are blessed to have revival at our church this week. Our guest speaker is Steve Pater. I’ve provided below the video/audio of his Sunday morning and evening messages. I am not much of a video editor, and I apologize for the multiple videos and interruptions.

However, it is worth your time to listen to them. Brother Steve delivers some powerful  messages that just aren’t preached in many churches today. I have been very blessed by them and think you will be too.

First, a little bio. Brother Steve was raised Anglican but was never very faithful. His wife was raised Catholic. Long story short, some time after they married his wife received a Bible from a coworker. She read it faithfully every night. One night he asked her if she could get him one too. She did and he started reading it. FAITH COMES BY THE WORD OF GOD. Fast forward to today and he is the minister at a small country church (the best kind if you ask me) in KY and they have three beautiful little girls whom they are raising in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I think it is wonderful that he is untainted by modern seminaries and is taught solely by God’s Word. I encourage you to check out his website where you can listen to more of his messages as well as find a link to his Youtube page for more sermons. He does a much better job at that than I do. 😉

Revival Theme: What in the World is Going On?

Message One: The Fall

Message Two: God’s Judgement

One of the best messages I’ve heard in a long time

I need to Google this man, Justin Peters. The following is the second video I’ve seen of him and it is good, solid, sound teaching.

In this video, topics covered are: the Gospel, moralism, seeker sensitive churches, the “religious right”/politics and church discipline.

May you be as blessed by this as I am.