Federal Funds Won’t Be Gutted Over North Carolina Bathroom Bill Drama – Matt Vespa


There’s a lot of drama over a North Carolina bill that states that persons in the state must use the restroom that corresponds with their birth certificate. It’s made to ensure privacy. While keeping existing anti-discrimination protections on the books. Can businesses adopt their own anti-discrimination policies? Yes. Are businesses prevented from establishing single occupancy restrooms to accommodate everyone? No. Can local government adopt their own anti-discrimination codes that could be stricter than the current state provisions for their employees? Yes.

Oh, and birth certificates can be changed. If these transgendered individuals have undergone a sex change operation, their certificates can be changed. There has been a firestorm of controversy over a bill that pretty much toes the line of common sense. There seems to be a conniption fit over nothing. Recently, the Department Of Justice fired the opening salvo: they declared North Carolina’s bathroom billviolated the Civil Rights Act, and that the state was at risk of losing billions in federal aid.