Why Christian Women are Taking Up Jewish Practice of Hair Wrapping

I have worn a head covering since January 2014. My reasons are based on 1 Corinthians 11. I am convinced it has nothing to do with culture, at least the instruction to cover the head does not. I am the only lady in my “church” that does this. The others have inquired about it and I have told them my reasons. They respect my decision and I respect their choice not to cover. There are multiple reasons found in 1 Corinthians 11, the primary one for me is: to not take away from God’s glory. The second is “because of the angels”. The head covering is an outward, physical sign of a woman in submission to God’s Divine Order and the angels marvel at that and at God’s manifold wisdom. I mostly cover when at church, but if I am writing something “prophetic” on this blog I cover or praying in the presence of someone else, I cover. Each woman must make this decision for herself.



Although their reasons may differ, Jewish and Christian women increasingly share a Bible-based motivation for covering their heads.

In traditional Judaism, women cover their hair after marriage. Depending on the customs of her community, an individual woman may cover her hair with a hat, a wig or a scarf. Covering one’s hair with colorful scarves, a practice known as wrapping, is becoming increasingly popular.
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