The Anatomy of Offense-By By David Carr

In 2015 there was an Australian Rules footballer who generated much controversy through his taking offense at being regularly booed during the course of his matches. The booing was not all that desirable, of course, but it happens fairly often to certain players and most just laugh it off.

This player, though, of aboriginal descent, chose to believe the booing was racially motivated (apparently the fact that the way he played the game was objectionable wasn’t the main reason, even though many of those who booed him specifically stated as such) and it sparked a firestorm of controversy in the all forms of media, even internationally.

So in our 21st century Western world why do people seem to be falling over themselves to claim such major offense at what are often quite minor provocations. How did we get to this? And what can we do about it?  Let’s have a look at the first question to see if we can find an answer to the second. Continue 

Final Hour

As usual, the images could be trickery…..or not. The fact remains, God told us to look up and watch for His return. He told us the signs of His coming. These signs are not only all around us, they are increasing in frequency. Are you ready to meet eternity? Are you in the Light or darkness? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus, as your Lord and Savior? Time is running out. You may not have another breath. Take a look at the tabs above or feel free to contact me.