In the News 4/22/13

Natural Disasters

More rain, snow could lead to more flooding

Chinese cases of bird flu rise to 102

China earthquake, rescuers save baby but death toll rises

Mag. 5.9 earthquake hits Mexico

On the Home Front

W.Va student, school at odds over t-shirt

Hagel: US committed to Israel’s military edge

US finalizes exclusive arms sale

Boston Bombing: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist sleeper cell

Hezbollah could be in US

Middle East

Jordan opens skies for IAF

Around the World

Butchery in Nigeria

Gay Marriage Opponents Protest in Paris

Leading EU countries to stigmatise Israeli goods

Just Interesting

Images of Horsehead Nebula

In the News 3/28/2013

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Today’s News Blips:

Bible Comes to Life as Locusts Swarm Israel

Landslide on Washington Island

Over 110,000,000 STI in US (title changed)

Severe Plague of Locusts in Madagascar