Trump KNOWS! Bombshell Evidence About Election and ‘Vaccines’ EXPOSED!

Look, none of us knows what we don’t know. Trump is no exception. The issues we are facing today, I believe, are so multifaceted and multi-layered that I’m not sure we will ever fully know the extent of what has happened and is happening. I have my own ideas of what I think is going on in light of biblical prophecy. I still want to organize my thoughts and take certain things to the Lord before I write what may be a doozy of a post. In the meantime, I just want to share as many pieces of this puzzle as I can. The days of turning on the nightly news and feeling confident about what we are told are over. We must look to other sources and try to piece together an idea of what is going on, but most of all we need to be praying and seeking the Lord’s wisdom.

Andy Wakefield | The Truth about What Is in the Vaccines

The video below not only discusses vaccines in general, but it also shows how powerful films can be. He gives an example of how film can be used to tell the truth to the world, but we also know how it is so often used to spread deception and propaganda.