Regarding the Open Letter to Trump

Perhaps you have read the letter written by Archbishop Vigano to President Trump. If not, you can READ IT HERE.

I’ve had many Christian friends share it on social media. On the surface it is a respectable message which many patriots and “woke” people find inspiring. A few things need to be considered by the Christian community, though, and I’d like to take a moment to address these.

First, and most glaringly, Vigano makes no mention of Jesus. He implies everyone who opposes the deep state is a child of light. This simply isn’t true. Only the Bride of Christ, true followers of Jesus, are children of light.

We must be careful not to mistake patriotism, morality, and integrity for Christianity or salvation. These are all good things, but they are not salvation. Without Jesus, there is no light.

Secondly, Vigano does not appear to be taking end times Bible prophecy into account. Eventually, God will allow the workers of darkness to act unfettered.

Again, I reiterate: Without Jesus there is no light.

Vigano also implies that people can hold back the darkness simply by taking a stand for good. While I certainly believe good people need to speak up and stand up, that alone will not save America. On whom or what are we standing? Common decency? That won’t cut it. If America is to be saved, the Bride of Christ must be on her knees, calling upon the Lord Jesus, and taking seriously the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged.

One may say, “Good grief, Marcia. Just appreciate the letter for what it is. Why be so particular about the details?”

Why, indeed?

If we truly believe these are the last days, we need to be shouting the Gospel. Nothing matters but Jesus. If we don’t think these are the last days, we still need to point people to Jesus because it is certainly somebody’s last day!

It’s fine to give an inspirational speech to bolster people into action. It’s fine to speak out for traditional values. It’s wonderful to implore people to pray. But, without the message of Jesus, it is all for naught.

May the Lord bless and keep you. Go be a blessing in the name of Jesus.