Know Your Enemy Parts 51-55

The first four videos in this grouping may be difficult for Americans to view. Keep in mind, this is compiled, written and narrated by a Scotsman. The information is important, however. Take special note of “American Symbols”.

Topics Covered: The American Revolution, The Hidden Hand, The Capitol, American Symbols and Lilith


A letter to my breadwinner husband | Fox News

Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared on It is used with permission.

My dearest Bill,

The other day, around 3:00pm on a random Wednesday, I was headed to the grocery store to get something to make for dinner. As you know, I’ve been slacking on the food front for some time and can’t seem to get organized the way I used to. Remember when I would go through our cookbooks every Sunday and plan the meals for the week, and then shop once for the entire week? I know, I know, I always made a second trip; but still, the bulk of the food was in the fridge.

I did that for more than a decade, but it was such a monotonous task I can’t bring myself to keep up with it. So now I play ‘catch as catch can’ and, as you like to say, shop like a French woman who goes to the store each day for that night’s meal. This has its own annoyances, but at least there’s food on the table.

Anyhow, on my way there Wednesday I was thinking about how grateful I am to have never, in all the years since we had kids, had to face a trip to the grocery store in the evening or on the weekend. I have always gone on a weekday—always—which has made the quality of my life so much better not having to deal with the stress of long lines or having to make sure I get to the store at the final hour. There was always the next day. Continue at link below

Designated Survivor

I do not watch television regularly, not even the news. We once had Dish Network, but cancelled it because Hubs was the only one watching it and he decided it wasn’t worth the $90 plus he was paying. Yesterday I watched about 3/4ths of a Brady Bunch episode on MeTV. That was the first time I sat down in front of the tv in I don’t know how long.

It wasn’t always like this. I was once a manager of a Blockbuster Video store, ha ha! I watched every movie released each week, even the foreign films. I watched tv. During those days, I LOVED the series 24, with Kiefer Sutherland. In fact, if 24 were to return to prime time I would abandon my television “boycott” and watch it.

Well it doesn’t look like 24 will be returning anytime soon, but Kiefer is! September 21 will air his new political drama on ABC, Designated Survivor. Now, one of the reasons I don’t watch much tv and very few movies is because my eyes have been opened to the globalist propaganda and esoteric symbolism that is so prevalent in modern cinema. Gone are the days of just watching a movie for pure enjoyment.

No doubt Designated Survivor will be filled with such symbolism and predictive programming, but I’ll at least give the pilot a chance.

Have you heard anything about this new series? Will you watch it?