“Signs Happening Faster Than Ever Before – Lawlessness” 


They got some ‘splainin’ to do….

The following is a screenshot from the United Nations website. Link provided below.

After untold numbers of people disappear in the rapture….”they” will have some explaining to do! Perhaps this is setting the stage for a possible explanation. Terrorists force countless people from across the globe to disappear. Could be a great segue into needing a one world government headed by a man with a plan! I always thought they would blame the aliens….maybe a combination of explanations. 

Sigh. I’m so ready to fly home. How about you?



Real Christianity

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but the current forty days of preparation is proving to be a giant challenge. Spiritual warfare is strong but a great victory is coming…


         And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan; and He was with the wild beasts, and the angels were ministering to Him. [Mark 1:13] [1]

         The Lord Jesus began His ministry with forty days of prayer and fasting. In His case, he fasted the entire time, both day and night.

         There are only three men listed in all of Scripture who have ever gone on a full forty day fast. This does not mean others did not do it. Undoubtedly, many did. But only Moses, Elijah, and the Lord Jesus have been listed as having done it. Moses did it twice.

         You may…

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