As You See the Day Approaching

Serve Him in the Waiting

Via Prophecy Update

This is a very interesting and thorough e-book posted in PDF format by EVANGELICAL BIBLE COLLEGE OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA,  detailing the certainty that our present generation is the generation that will see the return of Christ, and the specific developments and prophetic trends in the past seventy years (a generation), toward a global government, a global religion, and a global economy.  It is a great resource to point others to, who may be new to Bible Prophecy, as a comprehensive review of what has already transpired, and bringing them right up to the current  moment. It covers the exact fulfillment of those prophecies of the first coming of Christ, and assures one of the current and soon fulfillment of those which relate to His impending second coming.

 Click the link below to access and save the PDF to your computer.

Click to access 64d27739-814d-468e-94ba-330f50876eef.pdf

As You See the Day Approaching


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