They Insisted He Depart

On October 26, 2021 the above passage of Scripture was shown to me in a dream. Well, all I got was “Mark 5:17”. I had to look it up. (I apologize if I shared this already. I did a search on my blog to see if I shared it already and couldn’t find it.)

Anyway, Mark 5:17

Then they began to plead with Him to depart from their region.
Mark 5:17 NKJV

This seemed like such an odd passage to show up in my sleep. It really isn’t a passage one typically memorizes. We may know that Mark 5 talks about legion but who sets out to memorize Mark 5:17? Not me, anyway.

As noted in my journal pictured above, one could argue that many in America want Jesus to depart from the region. At the time, which was before the election, I thought this was really all it was about. Perhaps the meaning is two-fold.

Now I am not at all comparing Trump to Jesus. There is no comparison. However, Trump does seem to have a record of protecting the rights of Christians and supporting Israel. Further, he openly talked about Jesus (not just “God”) in his Christmas address. I know there are some in this country that absolutely cannot tolerate that. Is it just me or is their hatred for this man unprecedented and perhaps even maniacal? There is a deeper agenda here besides not liking his personality, which none of them seemed to mind before he ran for president. I believe the goal is to get rid of all Biblical values in America. This point became even more obvious with the recent prayer before the House in which the minister prayed in the name of Brahma. Unless God intervenes and extends His period of grace, America is finished. There is no doubt a legion of demons is at work.

“America’s Future with David Reagan | Christ in Prophecy”

Whatever the final election outcome, judgement is still coming to America and even her churches. It may be in the immediate future, or it may be a little ways down the road, but it’s coming. This judgement will be two-fold in its purpose: to deal with the wicked, and to call those who are called by His name to repentance. Dr. Reagan does a great job outlining the whys and wherefores. Will Jesus come for His Bride before America falls? I do not know.

I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
Psalms 16:8 KJV

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If you are going to DC tomorrow, you need to read the document at link. If you were thinking about going, but not sure if you should, you need to read document at link because it will help you decide. If you aren’t going to DC, you need to read the document at link so […]

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“I Heard God’s Warning to America | Perry Stone”

I read within the comments of the video below someone say they were just thinking about this, so to them the video is confirmation. I, too, was calling out to God just last night about this very truth concerning America. Call it irony, or whatever, but the truth is America has become a land of deceit and unbalanced scales. It is extremely difficult to know what is true about any of today’s hot topics, whether it’s the election, the vaccine, or the virus. On top of all that, we need to be on guard against false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It is IMPERATIVE we seek the Lord, His Counsel, be in the Word, and ask for discernment. They are trying to snuff out the light but we need to shine brighter than we ever have, being sure to keep our lamps full, until He comes.

EDIT TO ADD this screenshot from Notice the scales.