Satanists Demand Abortion as ‘Religious Freedom’

The one baby that they won’t abort [Note: I am so tired today, I could just plotz. I’ll try to keep this blog up and running, but after this post I’ve got to go and just hang out.] We told you leftids view abortion as a kind of perverse religious rite. Now the Temple of […]

Satanists Demand Abortion as ‘Religious Freedom’

One thought on “Satanists Demand Abortion as ‘Religious Freedom’

  1. See just what I’ve been saying for some time and writing in some of my postings that diabolical forces are absolutely behind abortion and this is Satan with his multitudes of minions on earth now that want to kill babies to worship him! Clinton’s are deep into this and so many famous people it would shock some people to know for sure; it’s so disgusting I can’t think about it much or it hurts to my core! This is so damaging on all levels!

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